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A Mural that sparks the Imagination

     When I accepted the invitation to paint a mural about Maggie Valley, I was overwhelmed with the possibilities. Maggie Valley North Carolina is a town that sparks your imagination! The Ghost Town theme park, the Stomping Ground's mountain music, dinner theater, fine dining, shopping for crafts, ski slopes, connecting with the Blue Ridge Parkway, motorcycles, bear & elk and camping by Jonathan Creek are all unforgettable experiences.

     All of these images are now a part of the "Maggie Valley, Seasons Through Time" mural commissioned by Roy Milling, the owner of Joey's Pancake House. "The idea is for folks who are waiting for breakfast to have a fun experience as they find all kinds of interesting images of Maggie Valley in the art mural!" Roy says.

     Taking hundreds of photos of Maggie Valley I was able to reconstruct the town bringing a feeling of adventure and nature's beauty to the town's spread out vistas. Placing the mural on the Appalachian Mural Trail has helped others see this unique mountain town in a new light. The now finished mural covers the wall in the foyer, which is 25 feet long. This is where folks wait to have a seat to have breakfast in this famous pancake house.

     This was an exciting art project for me as I have been to Ghost Town, danced at the Stomping Ground and tasted fudge at Maggie's Mountaineer Crafts, things I'll always remember. My best efforts were put into this tribute to Maggie Valley!

     The mural took 5 months to design and paint. The art has captured the imagination of the many thousands of visitors who enjoy Maggie Valley, North Carolina.

Doreyl Ammons Cain
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