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Just a Can of Spray Paint

     "It's hard to believe that so much detail can come from a can of spray paint," says Terra Marshall, owner and beauty operator of the Beauty Parade in Asheville, NC. "We had an unsightly mural on our building at 783 Haywood Road. So I gave a call to Gus Cutty, an Asheville mural artist."

    She then sent Gus Cutty a 60's photo of Dolly Parton with big hair. In three full days this amazing spray can artist had a full blown Dolly Parton on the side of the Beauty Parade Building, totally covering the old mural.

    The Appalachian Mountain region is home to many artists, both visual and those who tell their story with a song. In this mural both find a common bond. "Everything is a song for me" says Dolly Parton in an Intimate interview on You Tube a year ago. She believed in fairy tales and her life became one. Her father couldn't read or write yet he was smart business wise and her mother had musical talent on her side of the family. Dolly became a mega star using the gifts given her through her mountain roots. The Appalachian Mural Trail honors mountain roots and just recently added the Dolly Parton mural to their growing trail of public art murals.

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